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Once you've been arrested, the most common means of attaining your prompt release from custody involves the posting of a "criminal court appearance bond" secured through a surety bonding agency.

Now, if all this sounds a bit foreign to you, fear not, for you are certainly among the majority.

But, instead, if that sentence had read, "I've been arrested! I need to get bailed out of jail as quickly as possible," and you could have pictured yourself in that exact predicament, I'll bet you would have known exactly what was said.

The terms "Bail" and "Bail Bond," which are almost interchangeable with "Surety" and "Appearance Bond," can be used in several distinct forms:
[1] As nouns, they reference the security, cash or collateral, paid or pledged to assure the appearance of a defendant in a court of law.
[2] They also refer to bondsmen, the individuals who act as surety or signers on a bail bond, guaranteeing the defendant's appearance and into whose custody defendants are often released.
[3] As verbs, they can depict the process of a defendant's release, as in the expression "He was bailed out [bonded out] of jail yesterday."

In current vernacular, it's the first use of this terminology that is most widely applied on the street today, and it is this definition that we will reference on this website.

Since the inception of this project, it has been our goal to develop a constantly evolving space where we could offer a bit of education about the world of bail bond which, in turn, would lead to a bit more enlightenment about the legal world that's steadily encroaching upon many of the adjoining environments we occupy and, ultimately, a healthy dose of the empowerment that we believe you'll need to sustain that special place that's uniquely and individually all yours in this universe. Finally, it is our sincere hope that, along the way, we'll have a chance to amuse, dazzle, and delight you. This offering is dedicated to you.

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